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Experience Highlights

Managed facilities plan development, including collection, liquid treatment, and solids handling. Provided capacity analysis and comparison of alternatives at numerous locations.
Extensive experience in facility planning and capacity setting. Well versed in activated sludge process design and comparisons.  Has significant experience in biological nutrient removal, selector activated sludge, oxidation ditch and SBRs. Is a recognized national expert in the process design associated with trickling filter related facilities.
​As part of a larger design team, was either project or lead design engineer on 36 wastewater facilities that involved major construction. 
For activated sludge, experience includes the design of aeration basins, biological selectors and aeration diffusers/blowers.  With fixed film systems (trickling filter and rotating biological contactors) extensive experience in biological towers, plastic media and their support systems.  Additional experience in natural system (lagoons), solids handling and secondary classifiers.
Teaching, mentoring and operator training has been an import part of professional development for John Harrison.  He has been an adjunct professor at two universities and served as an instructor at a community college. 
Operator training and the writing of operational manuals has played a major role.  John has written operating manuals, conducted training seminars, or presented workshops in more than eight states and at several national and international conferences.  He has conducted operational audits at numerous wastewater plants.
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