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 Project Briefs

John has served more than 80 clients and completed nearly 150 wastewater related projects.  
Fixed Film & TF Related

Provided engineering services on over 30 projects where fixed film (FF) reactors or combined  FF and suspended growth (FF/SG) processes were involved.  The fixed film reactors he has worked on include both plastic fixed media and random cylindrical PVC media used in the trickling filter (TF) process mode.

Conducted several media extractions and estimated remaining useful life of facilities.

Activated Sludge

Conducted process analysis, studies, or design for more than 35 plants which use the activated sludge (AS) process. An expert witness in three AS investigations.  Conducted several operational audits and chaired and primary author of , “Biological Nutrient Removal Processes” in WEF’s MOP 11 (Operations).

Specializing in selector design for filament control and for enhanced denitrification.

Operations & Teaching

Has written operating manuals, conducted training seminars, or presented workshops in more than eight states and at several national and international conferences.  Selected to author or chair the following professional manuals of practice (MOPs) on fixed film systems:  Mr. Harrison has either, aided in, or been the primary author of operation manuals at five Wastewater Treatment Plants.  

BNR & Natural Systems

Conducted more than a dozen projects specifically for biological nutrient removal (BNR).  Wrote a manual of practice for operation of activated sludge facilities removing either nitrogen and phosphorus. 

Analyzed or helped design improvements to wetlands or lagoons.  Designed pretreatment systems to lagoons and post algae/nutrient removal systems.

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