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JRH has over 40 years of experience in the study, evaluation, capacity setting and design of wastewater facilities. His specialty area is in modernization of wastewater treatment plants, especially for nutrient removal and for enhanced process control.  His unique professional development has ranged from teaching to regulator oversight, and from operator training to facility design. 


JRH projects includes process design, system comparisons, and facility planning. He has previously managed offices for national consulting firms and is a recognized expert in the areas of biological nutrient removal, trickling filter and combined fixed film and suspended growth Systems.

About  JRH
John R Harrison (JRH) services involve engineering and operation of wastewater treatment plants.  Services are generally provided directly to municipalities or industries.  Providing subconsulting services to a larger or local engineering firm is another common way to  retain assistance from JRH Consulting.


‹TEL:  971-563-7471


News & Publications

The age of trickling filter (TF) media is normally anticipated to be 20 years.  However media collapses (photo) have occured much earlier.  The key to procuring TF media that can last 25 to 35 lies in writing a good specification.  This paper discusses some of the key elements in TF media specifications.

Adding an aeration basin or solids contact (suspended growth) reactor to a trickling filter or biotower is sometimes a good solution to upgrading for nutrient removal or improving effluent quality of a fixed film reactor.  This paper discusses the alternatives that are typically used for coupling a fixed flilm reactors with suspended growth reactors.

Our Expertise

Process Design & Facility Planning

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Industrial Waste Treatment

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